Agro Planation for Climate Change and Food Security Organization (ACFO) is a Regional Environmental and Agricultural Organization Non-Profit, working Sectors on climate change, Food Security, renewable energy, education, sustainable development, Forestry, Agrocfo vestry, Fishery, water sanitation, hygiene and It involves local communities to look for suitable and sustainable solutions to local environmental challenges and globe. The needs to Protect our economies from the impact of Climate Change has become more urgent to invest the above flows. ACFO was founded in 2014 and legally registered by 2016 it has been started by mobilizing of Local Communities, Farmers, elders and extended to other higher institutions of learning, to primary, secondary schools and Universities.

ACFO focusing on adaptation and mitigation in the agricultural sectors and advocates for better management of synergies, interdisciplinary research and development at local, regional, national and global level for Disasters, Risk and Poverty Reduction, Integrated Water Sanitation and Hazard Management, community development, food security, Good governance, Climate change awareness, Knowledge Based networking in greater Somalia as well East African and Arab Regions. After the realization of National and International environmental and climate challenges, the youth from the above said institutions gathered and formed a Regional Non-Governmental Organization to work nationwide and to complement the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ACFO is based in East Africa and Arab Regions and its Head Office is located Nairobi Kenya and Mogadishu Office Located at MIA Airport Mogadishu Somalia and is mandated to carry out its activities in all corners of the country. ACFO is a strong with a good reputation throughout the country due to its committed, highly qualified and experienced Professional staffs.


Tobe the global leader in environmental and community services in the Region and world.


To engage extensively on a multi-faceted Climate Change Actions and sustainable development goals related activities that would help bridge poverty gap and mitigate climate change in Somalia and Region.


Environmental consciousness, Accountability, Responsibility, Volunteerism, Team spirit, Honesty, Excellence.


A world Free from Hunger and Poverty.


To raise people’s voice for ensuring right to food and employment of poor and

Marginalized using agricultural Resources.

To establish right to food and employment of poor and marginalized through policy


To strengthen right-based movement through networking with relevant stakeholders at

local, national and global level.

Strategic Issues

Right to Food (Agriculture, Safe and green Environment, Food, Land and safe Water)

Right to Employment

Social and Environmental Values Protection.

Overall objectives.

To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet sustainable environmental needs, encourage peace and promote understanding of sustainable development throughAgro-Plantation for Climate Change and Food Security Organization.


The purpose of the organization shall be:

  • To Reduce Risk Disaster and Environmental impacts.
  • To reduce serious deforestation, cutting forestry trees for cooking, heating and serious soil loss due to erosion by rain or wind.
  • To promote economic empowerment and ensure meaningful participation of the community in poverty reduction.
  • To provide education and training in matters of sustainability development and climate change through networking and collaboration with International organizations.
  • To promote effective solid waste management through proper dumping and sorting of wastes in order to limit the Massive ocean disposals.
  • To educate the general public on behavior change communication prevention and management campaign on HIV/AIDS and drug abuse and life skills.
  • To empower community and individual action on matters related to sanitation.
  • To come up with innovations that geared towards elimination of poverty and processes the activities that are likely to endanger the environment; and utilize the environment and natural resource for the benefit of the community-example coming up with alternative forms of energy.
  • To campaign against traditions that hinder sustainable development and fight against climate change
  • To safeguards environmental protection rights.
  • To help the public in recognizing the value of conserving wildlife heritages and the environmental Values.
  • To encourage the scientific and Conduct Research studies of wildlife and environment.
  • To promote Reforestation, agro-forestry, better methods of farming and high value crops in Somalia.
  • To help in promoting and increasing Somali’s tourist attraction.


Policy statement.

The organization members and volunteers are guided by the following values

  • Respect
  • Obedience
  • Unity team work
  • Hard and smart works
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Self-control

In this organization it’s a policy that no one will be discriminated against on the basis of his/her gender, religion, age or race and that our association and partnership with other people or Organizations around the world.


Our areas of work will be targeting youth, men, women and children and we are well considered climate change as an issue of highest relevance and works in its direction both in a full – fledged manner or as a cross – cutting theme in its other projects.

Agro-plantation for climate change and food security organization (ACFO) on the climate change will be striving to achieve its specific objectives in the areas of;

  • Disasters Risk reduction, Resilience and environmental Policy.
  • Management and Sustainable Economic Development.
  • Sustainable Food Systems in Somalia and Region.
  • Sustainable Natural Resource Management.
  • Economic empowerment – for poverty eradication;
  • Safeguarding environmental rights
  • Gender and Gender related issues
  • Drug and Drug abuse, counseling and support for the youth.
  • General Civic Education.
  • Conservation, protection and management of Natural resources.
  • Protection of climate and developing resilient measures on climate change and Food Security.



The organization will reach out the farming community around Somali country with information aimed at improving their lives and making them responsible and productive citizens.

  • The farming community are actively involved in planning, execution and evaluation of their programs. The farming community are our core target in the organization.
  • The organization also rehabilitates and gives new lease of life to farming community in all District as active participants in local Suitable development.
  • The organization shall liaise with relevant Organizations, ministries such as Ministry of Environment and livelihood, ministry of Health, UN and International NGO, the County Governments of Somalia to form farming community and environmental Corporations.



Women are targeted with initiatives aimed at;

  • Empowering them to deal with gender stereotyping in the society;
  • Providing them with necessary skills, attitudes and values for economic empowerment.
  • Empowering them with information, skills and values on how and where to find help when faced with gender based violence in the family;
  • Empowering them to challenge retrogressive and degrading cultural practices and to reclaim their position status and dignity in the society.